Chronicles of a Gorilla thrown into the unknown

Still like it quiet

Decided to try and be more sociable and hit up a pub with the rest of the DBC gang. And it reminded me why I stopped going and that I still can’t enjoy the atmosphere. I’m home now and much prefer the sound of my whirring laptop and just the overall stillness of the place. I especially wasn’t feeling it since today was such a high pressure day and after I was done with the assessments, it just drained the life out of me. All I wanted to do all day was to eat.

We are moving into phase 3 and they didn’t give us any prep work but just instructions to get well-rested. 2 people will repeat but on their own choice and I’m happy that they made the decision that is best for them, we’ll still share the same space so it’s good we’ll still see them around.

Kind of brain dead right now. I’m actually happy doing mindless things like laundry and taking out the trash. After a hard day, it’s good to just go through the motions without needing to think.

I’m determined to really relax this weekend because god knows we won’t be able to for the next 3 weeks coming up. 

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