Chronicles of a Gorilla thrown into the unknown

Start of week 2 and wise words from Ice Cube

Today was good. Good is great after a week of what feels like expecting you to sprint when you just barely started walking. As with all races though, what counts is that you finish it, even if it’s not pretty. Just get to the end and that’s an accomplishment in itself. Finish doesn’t mean get a working code, though ideal, finish means working through the concept and understanding it well enough you can explain it to your grandma.

I’m probably going to have to thank my grandma for helping me through DBC even though she doesn’t know it. Thanks grandma. 

But I digress.

An analogy of last week’s experience:

In the mornings we are thrown into deep end and have 5 pound weights tied to our legs. Not too bad, I struggle a little but manage. Then in the afternoon, the weights are upped to 15 pounds each and now we have waves thrown in. Nice.

For this week, we are diving into object oriented programming which has been hard for me because I’m used to coding procedurally. Something new I’ll have to adjust to. Something that was helpful for me was to constantly remind myself that driver code was procedural but setting up the Classes is object oriented programming. 

Shereef also reminded us that we should remember to be stingy on variables but generous on methods and classes.

Also, seeing Shereef take 10 minutes to code something that took me more than half a day just blew my mind. Freaking awesome.

I should be refreshed but I’m feeling the most tired today. I realize I pushed myself a little too much over the weekend and need to pace myself better. I seriously need to eat more as well. 

Like Ice Cube once said, “You better check yo self before you wreck yo self.”

Wise words to remember. 

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