Chronicles of a Gorilla thrown into the unknown

End of week 1, almost

This morning, like all mornings the past week, I woke up with my mind running through the challenges we did the day before. Which isn’t very good when you find yourself shaving the same spot over one too many times. I wanted to finish our first project last night but had to call it a day, I was stuck on a bug for the longest time that took one of the ex-boots 2 minutes to figure out.

Having been so used to finishing things and being rewarded for the act of completion which was ingrained in me from the traditional schooling system, I hated the idea of leaving things hanging. But I’ve learned to let go of that this past week and realize that it’s more important that I grasp the concept and if I don’t get the code to run perfectly, it’s ok. Well truth be told, I still don’t like it but I will leave it for now.

While helping us out, Jesse brought up a good point about how things aren’t always better just because they are more complex. KISS immediately came to mind. I thought about this again when I was looking at other people’s code for last night’s challenge and it made things so much easier to follow and understand. It’s so cool to see how my convoluted code could have been written in a much shorter, elegant form.

So my biggest take away for the week:

Remember to “Keep it Simple, Stupid”

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